The Mission

2015, a new year, a new start! We are making the most of the first few days of 2015 to reflect upon our ongoing mission. When you have a meaningful mission to fulfill, focus and reflection are key.

We are aware of the challenges facing our mission, and we understand how important it is to accomplish our goals. We are working towards the achievement of one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women.




“This is an historic opportunity; we can be the generation that ends poverty and puts our planet on a sustainable course before it is too late.”

The above is part of a report called “A Life of Dignity for All,” presented by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to reinforce the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals beyond 2015.


It is essential to collaborate, co-create and align missions with like-minded people. SWAGS World® is honoured to be part of this ongoing women empowerment journey. It is a big mission, but we are not alone! Incredible people and organisations work towards the same goals. Our combined energy has the power to make a significant change.


We would like to reinforce our commitment towards two women empowerment targets:

- Access to dignified work

- Access to social and economic assets

Through our co-creation of products and our SWAGS Academy, we hope to work towards meeting these targets.


Take a moment to reflect about the following sentence, and how YOU could contribute to its achievement:

“A Life of Dignity for All”

Powerful thoughts with the potential to create a better world.


Learn more:

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