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  • Circle Of Co-Creation
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    Our Circle of Co-Creation methodology


SWAGS World®, or Simply Women and Girls Sustainable World, is a UK based social enterprise that works with women artisans around the world, combining traditional artisan handicrafts with modern design to create beautiful products that empower women.

Our aim is to offer a global marketplace of accessible products for socially responsible consumers; an alternative to mass-produced, throwaway fashion, poor working conditions and undervalued labour. We take pride in the quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness of each product we sell and believe it to be a reflection of the skill and passion that has created it.

We think it’s important that you know exactly who makes the products you buy. By sharing the story of every single artisan we work with, we connect customer with creator and encourage deeper understanding and a new appreciation of vibrant, traditional, historic cultures.

In order to show our dedication and commitment to each project, we pay 50% of the price of each order upfront, with the rest on completion. Every single artisan receives a fair wage, flexible working hours and regular breaks. We help women find a solution to employment that will accommodate their family life and other commitments, without resorting to unsafe, undignified and unreliable alternatives.

Second only to agriculture, artisan activity is the second largest employer in the developing world. However, due to the diminishing state of the historic artisan-to-consumer relationship and increasing globalisation of markets, artisans are often unsure how to tailor their products to suit this new landscape. Our robust SWAGS Academy programme helps uplift the potential of creative artisans by providing training across all aspects of trade, transforming traditional skills into sustainable businesses that strengthen communities.


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