Our Mission

SWAGS World® (Simply Women and Girls Sustainable World) is a UK based social enterprise that works with women artisans around the world, combining traditional artisan handicrafts with modern design to create beautiful products that empower women.


We are a social enterprise with a difference, taking a direct approach to making global gender inequality a thing of the past. By empowering women everywhere, we aim to inspire social change and create waves of positivity that impact in different areas. For more information on our women’s empowerment goals, click here.


We provide a unique web platform that combines our two approaches to women empowerment;


      1. Partnering with women artisan entrepreneurs to create handmade goods; opening new responsible markets, providing education and business opportunities and offering support.


    1. Profiling inspirational women within the ethical/handmade goods sector to promote accessible alternatives to socially conscious consumers.

It’s no secret that women’s empowerment is vital to overcoming global poverty. According to Millennium Development Goal No.3 “Promoting gender equality and empowering women;” globally, women still face discrimination across many different areas. When a woman is empowered, she becomes a catalyst for positive change whose success benefits everyone around her.


SWAGS World® knows what female artisan entrepreneurs can achieve when they are given opportunity. Second only to agriculture, artisan activity is the second largest employer in the developing world. This important sector generates income, creates job opportunity, encourages community development, protects traditional techniques and safeguards cultural heritage.


When a female artisan is empowered, she can lift herself and her family out of intergenerational poverty. She can inspire development within her community, drive forward economic and social progress and improve lives across her entire nation.


For more information on our work with creative women artisans, please have a look here.

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