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SWAGS World® Academy

SWAGS World® Academy aims to uplift the potential of creative artisans around the world to grow their businesses, succeed as independent entrepreneurs and drive sustainable development into their communities.

Through our partner network, we provide access to training, support and mentoring to artisan groups and individuals where livelihoods and traditions are under threat.

Due to the diminishing state of the historic artisan to consumer relationship and increasing globalisation of markets for crafts, artisans have difficulty understanding how to tailor their products to suit this new landscape and gain access to the market.

SWAGS World® Academy provides all aspects of business, design and market expertise as part of a Market Preparation Toolbox to help artisans turn their ideas and skills into sustainable long-term businesses.

With solid knowledge of the retail environment, we share our expertise to provide market awareness to enable artisans to identify target markets, trends and demands and customer analysis in order to develop actionable strategies for themselves.

We challenge them to utilise their traditional skills in new ways to generate fresh ideas and eye-catching innovative products. Although each product is unique due to its hand-made nature, we help to ensure it can be reproduced to a consistent quality at a price that supports the artisans and their place in the market.

Through SWAGS World® Marketplace (launching soon), we offer artisans direct access to a responsible online customer base, through which we share each of their unique stories and showcase their latest handmade creations.

Being a social enterprise, profits from the marketplace are re-invested back into the Academy to create a continuous circle of co-creation and provide opportunities for more creative entrepreneurs in the future.

Currently in the initial stages of development, we are looking forward to seeing the SWAGS Academy® concept grow over the coming months.

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